Welcome to GWR Colourfast® ... our unique coloured stainless steel fasteners

GWR Fasteners Limited developed a unique process of colouring stainless steel. We are one of only a few, if not the only company in the UK, who can offer this service. Coloured fasteners can be used for aesthetic or practical purposes.

Our GWR Colourfast
® process was initially developed in 2010 for the motorbike customisation market where stainless steel offers strength when used in stress points, as opposed to aluminium which is much softer. Since then, our GWR Colourfast® nuts and bolts have been used in various industries, such as dentistry, food manufacturing, military, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, electronics and architecture to name but a few.

Our coloured stainless steel fasteners a
re available in red, blue, brass, green, black and copper. We have a number of fastener products listed for sale here however, if there is a particular stainless steel fastener not listed or there are other stainless steel products you have which you would like coloured, please contact us as follows:

Telephone: 01691 654979
Email: sales@gwr-fasteners.co.uk

We would be happy to help you.