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Kielder Tools

Named after t​he location of a ‘very special’ stage from British Rallying, a place which provokes incredible memories and emotions of following the RAC during the late 80’s and 90’s. The feeling of both trepidation and excitement as the crews headed into Kielder mid-way through the event to tackle not least the fearsome Pundershaw. A stage that was almost 60 kms long when run at full distance, and knowing only too well the potential effects that it could have on the whole event - magnificent!

It was during the 80’s and 90’s that Kielder® fell in love with motorsport, this was their time: The excitement of a World Rally Championship finding its feet again under Group A and then WRC regulations, being contested by the likes of McRae, Makinen, Burns, Auriol, Sainz, Kankkunen and all doing battle for factory teams. Not to mention the 500cc World Championship, British Touring Car Championship, Group C Sportscar Racing, British Rally Championship, to name a few...This was their time and they were hooked!

Best of all Kielder® know that these feelings have been, and continue to be experienced by countless others, repeated year after year, decade after decade. Where something has made a lasting impression, resulting in a genuine passion for mechanics and engineering, not just motorsport and Kielder® love it! Today the thrill is truly theirs to be supplying a small portion of the equipment needed to keep the wheels of progress turning, whatever the task in hand.

The origins of Kielder® products are simple; drawing on decades of combined experience gained from developing tools for some of the leading brands, Kielder® are now creating tools for their own use and like minded individuals. Kielder® are a hands on bunch and like you have a definite requirement for well specified, reliable tools which feel good and get the job done, but crucially at a price we can all afford.