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Large Flange Blind Pop Rivets - RAL9005 Black Aluminium / Zinc Plated Steel


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Aluminium Black Blind Dome Head Pop Rivets - Large Flange

Pop Rivets, also known as Blind Rivets, are used to create strong joints in 2 or more panels, predominantly sheet metal.

Pop Rivets can be installed from only one side, meaning they are useful in situations where there is no back access to the material and therefore are unable to use a nut and bolt.

The two main components of a Pop Rivet are the body and mandrel. During installation, the mandrel is pulled tight causing the body of the Pop Rivet to compress and expands against the base material locking it in place on both sides. Pop Rivets are also more secure than a standard nut and bolt fastening as they are impervious to vibrating loose.

The large flange head provides double the bearing area compared to the standard flange and offers a great resistance. Large head rivets are designed for applications where a soft or brittle material is assembled to a rigid support material.

The body of these pop rivets is made from Aluminium Mg 3,5 (EN AW 5154) with a black RAL 9005 painted finish. The mandrel is manufactured from Steel with a zinc coating.