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Vortex® Pozi Countersunk Woodscrews - Yellow Zinc Plated

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Vortex® screws are recognised in the industry for their premium quality and tailored product features. Technical advancements combine to provide users with versatility and assurance in almost any application.

The recessed double countersunk head increases the strength of the screw beneath the head reducing the likelihood of shearing. Sharp milling ribs under the head assist with effective countersinking eliminating the need to countersink the wood before insertion.

The sharp, wide and deep thread, featuring ‘Saw Fix’ serrated thread technology, enables the screw to power through a wide range of materials quickly and easily. Most Vortex screw sizes also include an oblique-angle sharp gash point, which creates a quicker start, self-drills the hole* and reduces the possibility of wood splitting.

*  A pilot hole in hardwood is advised

  • Free impact driver bit included
  • Compatible with impact and non-impact drills
  • Most sizes of Vortex screws are fully CE compliant to EN 14592:2008+A1:2012


ARecessed Double Countersunk Head - Gives a countersunk flush finish and provides greater strength.

B: Sharp Under Head Milling Ribs - The ribs countersink the surface, saving time

C: Zinc & Yellow Waxed Finish - Prolongs the life of the screw by offering some resistance to corrosion and helps with driving into harder wood

Magsho Silver Organic CoatingCorrosion resistance tested to 1000-hour salt spray test and ACQ timber resistant.

D: Sharp, Wide & Deep Thread Featuring Sawfix Technology Gives more bite and a better grip enabling the screw to be driven in quickly and easily.

E: Oblique-Angle Sharp Gash Point (most sizes) - Creates a quicker start, self-drills the hole* and reduces the possibility of wood from splitting.

*  A pilot hole in hardwood is advised